Parking Permits

The College transitioned to IPARQ, a virtual parking system, in August 2022. 
Students and employees: manage vehicles online via phone or computer.

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Student and staff parking areas are provided at both the Kentfield and Indian Valley campuses. Students may purchase a semester permit, good for the entire semester; or may purchase a daily permit, good only for the date of purchase.

Student Semester Permits

Students may purchase semester parking permits online for $46 (subject to change). Permits are limited to one permit per student. Summer session permits are $25 (subject to change). Students receiving Financial Aid are permitted to purchase parking stickers at half price. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 415.485.9409 to see if you qualify.

Daily $4 Permits

Daily permits should be placed on the top of your dashboard, just in front of your steering wheel. A daily student permit is good in any student lot, on both campuses for the date the permit was issued.

Daily permits are $4 per calendar day, and may be purchased as follows: 
Through parking permit dispensers (which accept quarters and dollar bills) located throughout the parking lots at both campuses. Parking permit dispensers in Lot 6 at KTD and Lot 1 and Lot 2 at IVC accept $1, $5, $10, $20, and credit cards, all other machines accept credit cards and exact change only. The inability to get a permit from the machine is most often due to operator error. Read the instructions on the machine. In any event, if a machine is not working, there are several others on campus and it is your responsibility to purchase a permit from another machine. Report any machine malfunction immediately to the police dispatcher at (415) 485-9696. The College highly recommends purchasing a semester permit. It will save you time and money.

Possession of a parking permit does NOT guarantee you a parking space. If the lot is full, you must try another student parking lot. Before purchasing a daily permit, always find a legal parking place first.

Disabled Persons Vehicle

Vehicles displaying the proper Disabled Person Placards or Plates may park in any student or staff space without the need of a student semester permit. The College has several Accessible Parking Areas, which are marked with the traditional blue sign and International Symbol of Accessibility (stick figure in wheelchair). Use caution when parking, and do not park on any areas blocked out next to the accessible parking or any area marked “No Parking”.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

EV charging is free for students and employees. All EV charging spots require a student or staff parking permit. Contact the Maintenance and Operations Office at (415) 485-9451 and provide your M00#. Once M00# is verified, the individual will be provided with a code for free charging. This process will have to be repeated at the start of each semester. 

Fuel Efficient Vehicle (FEV) Parking

All FEV spots require an FEV permit along with a student or staff parking permit. If you have a fuel-efficient vehicle and a parking permit, please come to the Police Department to see if you qualify for a FREE FEV permit. All violators will receive a minimum $100 fine.

Staff Permits

Staff Permits are issued to regularly employed College staff and must be replaced before each October. Applications for staff permits are made available in the mail rooms of both campuses during July, August, and September. To obtain a staff permit at other times, contact your department head or department secretary for an application, or contact the Police Department at  (415) 485-9455. Student hourly employees are not eligible for staff permits.

Free Parking

Kentfield Campus Parking Lot 13 is designated as free parking. Lot 13 is by the Physical Education Building, past Lot 12. You may park there without a parking permit. This lot is not paved and contains loose gravel. There are no lights at night.  You must park facing the logs or boulders in the lot. Vehicles not parked facing a log or boulder will be cited. There is no parking between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m.


Motorcycles displaying proper license plate registration do not need a parking permit, provided they park ONLY in motorcycle parking areas. These areas are clearly marked and posted. They are located in Kentfield Campus Lots 1, 5, 7, and 12; and in Indian Valley Campus Lots 3, and 5. A motorcycle found in a vehicle space without a permit will be cited. A motorcycle found outside of a marked space will be cited.

Visitor Parking for Official Business

If you are an official visitor to the College of Marin, with an appointment, you may be eligible for a temporary one-day parking permit. Contact the person you are meeting with, or their department secretary to see if you are eligible for this permit. You will be given the permit, which must be displayed on your vehicle during your meeting.

All Other Visitors

Indian Valley Campus lots 1 and 2 have 3 one-hour spaces. There is also a 10-minute child care drop-off in lot 5. No permit is necessary for these spaces.

Permits are numbered and registered when sold. Do not purchase permits from classmates or any other source. If you are approached by an individual wishing to sell a permit they no longer need, contact the Police Department at (415) 485-9455. The permit you purchase from a stranger may be reported as lost, stolen, or counterfeit, and therefore be worthless. Students have been arrested for possessing lost, stolen, or counterfeit permits. This charge is a felony.